Embed video from table elsewhere in doc using @

I’ve got a table that has a column of tutorial titles and a column of links with an embedded video.

What I’d like to do is @reference the tutorial title elsewhere in my document and it automatically embed the video.

What is the easiest way to do that?
I’ve tried just doing the @reference but it just makes a link to that row in the table. It shows the expand button if you hover over it, but that’s not what I’m looking for.

I’ve tried using a formula, but I have 70 tutorial videos, so just with using formulas to embed these videos, I would hit the doc limit. Not mention writing the formulas is really cumbersome.

The What I want I did manually by just copying the URL from the video and pasting it in. But I want it to be tied to the table in case I change the video later (e.g. I shoot a better tutorial).

Using the @refrence like you did references the whole row as an object (or a bucket of information)

If you want specific info from that singular bucket (aka the contents of a single cell) you draw it out using the chasing method.

You would also need to do it as a canvas formula.

So type in the = sign in your canvas to open the formula window. Then go ahead and @refrence the row you are after, then use your chaining method to draw out the video link

So it may be something like: @row.videoLink

I know that I can do it with a formula, although, I don’t think it let me embed (I forget - I tried it a while back). I don’t want to use the 50 formula, docs, pages limit though, since the instructions already have like 30 pages.