Embedding a single table

Even though I don’t like embedding or iframes, sometimes you have to. As my Coda app is becoming the ‘single source of truth’ I have a need to publish a single table (or even a single record) on my website and I am not opposed to use an iframe if I have to.

The problem is that I haven’t found a way to embed a nice, clean page with just the information I need - there is the doc title, menu choices (left or top, even if it is a one page doc). the login stuff, a cookie warning… It makes it impossible to embed just a little bit of information.

I wouldn’t even mind using the API, but I am not sure how to implement the website part to make sure it shows and renews this table whenever it is updates in Coda.

My question is trifold:

  1. is there already a way to embed only a table or table elements from a published doc, or
  2. is Coda going to facilitate building pages for this type of purpose, or
  3. is there another way that I am overlooking to do this

Looking forward to some reactions,
Greetings, Joost