Embedding JavaScript

Our application produces an embed consisting of JavaScript, HTML and CSS that users directly embed onto their websites or wiki pages. Is there a way to embed it in a Coda doc?


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Hey @Rizwan_Ansary! Can you try using the embed() formula? You might need to add force:true at the end.

Hi Jasmine - The Embed/force=true works when you have an http URL. I have HTML/CSS. Think of the embed code given by YouTube and Twitter to embed videos and tweets. Mine is the same as that.

Gotcha! We won’t render HTML or JavaScript in Coda.
Is there is a URL in that code that you can pull out, or can you generate an embed URL? That would be the best workaround.
Otherwise, you could set up a website page and display that code as the webpage at a URL and then pull that URL into Coda. That’s a long workaround if you aren’t already using it anywhere else this way, though.

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