Enable Play mode for pricing calculator & save the data that they want to submit to a table

Hello Team,

We are trying to build a pricing calculator, where sales team can enter the values in the table(the number of days a particular resource is required) and they will get a cost that they need to propose for the project.

To achieve this, we need a play mode on the table and the values that is entered by the users should not get stored but after they finalise the number a button click should transfer that data to a table.

Which becomes like a submission

Is there a way to achieve this or any workarounds?

Thank you in advance

Hi !

There is totally a way :slight_smile:

You don’t need to be in play mode, you can use inputs and set it to “Mode : personnal” so only the user see his changes. With the different inputs you make the formula to calculate your result and then you add a button to send it wherever you want.

I built a calculator like this for my sales team so I can help you build that. Send me an email if you need :smiley:


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