Calculate price based on hourly rate and time spend (hours & minutes)

I want to calculate the price based on an hourly rate and time spend. The time spend will be entered as hours and minutes. I haven’t figured out how to write a formular that can calculate this.
Any suggestions?

hi @Coralynn_W

first set your column on duration to enter the hours and minutes, then convert them to minutes

from here you can figure it out I guess, you divide your hourly price by 60 to have a price per minute and you multiply this by the minutes

Cheers, Christiaan

Thanks @Coralynn_W for asking this question.

I am working on a use case where - we publish this pricing calculator and different sales team can use this to come up with the proposal amount.

But the problem is - if one edits the data in the template it changes for everyone. Is there a way to make this doc editable but that changes will be viewed by the person editing it and not anyone else(Playing with the doc). This way multiple people can use this to come up with the pricing of the project.

@Christiaan_Huizer - Any suggestions on how we can achieve this?

hi @Puneeth_JN ,

my suggestions:

  • you can filter the tabel on user, users only see their rows and thus quotes
  • you can publish a doc in play mode and use it internally

I hope it helps, cheers, Christiaan

By publishing the doc.
By default, anyone who opens it can play with it and nothing is saved. A sort of temporary session.

Afterwards, if you want to come back to generate reports, recover time spent. As Christian suggests, you’ll have to create row & filter them according to the user connected.

Thank you @Math_24 & @Christiaan_Huizer

So, once they enter some values in a button click - will the use be able to transfer the current data to a different table?

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