Cost estimate based on {hour rate}*{estimated time of the member assigned}

Hello Community,

I’m looking for a way to deal with my team members’s rates and their tasks.
I have:

  1. a table ‘TEAM’ with a list of ‘People’ (who are my Coda team members) and their ‘Hour rates’.
  2. a table ‘TASKS’ with a list of tasks, ‘Hour estimates’, and ‘Cost’ (which is ‘Hour estimates’*‘Hour rates’)

So, I’m assigning a task that has a defined ‘Hour estimates’ value to a team member —> the person gets it in his list of tasks while I see what is the estimate cost of this task, based on the calculation of the task hour estimation multiplied with a hour rate of a person the task is assigned to.
I know that it can be done with two steps:

  1. assigning a member to a task, so he/she will see it in his/her task list
  2. setting a person to get info about his/her hour rate to calculate the estimated task cost

It looks dumb to assign the same person twice.

What I’m trying to achieve is to be able to get a task’s ‘Estimated Cost’ after assigning the task to appropriate person in a single step.

Is there a way to make it?


See the formula in the yellow column.

Hi @Rey_Mayson,

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This isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, but when I was at REI, there were different hourly rates based on the job I was performing…then there were pay changes like raises where I didn’t want a change to be retroactive and change all my past data.

Here’s a doc I created then that is a little more complex, but a similar schema could be used for each person to have an hourly rate and even track if they change that rate on a particular date.

Hello Ander,

Thank you for your response!
Unfortunately, your example is what I’m trying to avoid. Could you, please, check my initial post?

Thanks again,


I didn’t really understand your initial post – I took a shot thinking maybe it was something basic, but apparently that’s not the case.

It’s often easier to understand someone’s intent via their efforts in a dummy doc – perhaps you could post one showing your work so far.

Hello BenLee,

Thank you for your response!

As you mentioned, it isn’t a solution I’m looking for. However, the example you’ve shared is something I’d definitely save for a future.


What I understand is, that you need to have two separate tables for the tasks and for the costs. There are a couple of ways to do this:
One is to have 1 master table with tasks and its costs, BUT you can make a view of that table that doesn’t show the costs.
Another way is to have them as 2 separate tables and with the help of a button you fill these two tables simultaneously.
Here is a doc where I show both of these options:

Hello Saul_Garcia,

My question isn’t about having hour rates within a single table or separate tables. It can be done using both methods. However, it isn’t the case.

What I’m trying to achieve is to be able to get a task’s ‘Estimated Cost’ after assigning the task to appropriate person in a single step.

Not TWO steps where
With step 1 - I set a person to get his hour rate for calculations
With step 2 - I set a person as assignee to the task

But ONE step where
I’m getting hour rates to calculate task estimated cost AND assign a person as assignee by a SINGLE action - ASSIGNING PERSON AS ASSIGNEE to the task.

Do you mean like this?

Hello Saul_Garcia,

Will your solution set the task to selected person so he will see that it was assigned to him in his tasks list?

Oh I get it, check the coda doc again