Creating a project costing Template



I’m trying to create a project planning tool that helps members of my team who are scared of excel do an initial plan and pricing for proposals. Coda is preferred as I’m trying to create something very user friendly so to help young team walk through the process.

I’ve got three tables with a few different views:

Project milestones - Very high level milestones e.g final delivery, workshop 1, workshop 2 etc.

Project breakdown - Project milestones are pulled as a lookup and grouped on the left to create structure. Project breakdown then allows somebody to add all the sub-tasks required for that milestone e.g workshop process design, material production, participant communications. This has start and end dates so can great a gantt view.

Rates sheet - This has all our team with consulting rates, internal costs etc. A second view of this has a select box which allows the user to select the team members on the project and write brief description of their role.

So far so good. - Where I am failing is trying to combine the two tables to allow somebody to price the project. Traditionally what we’ve done in excel is have all the sub-tasks in one column. Each team member would have their own column with internal and external rates in the first couple of cells. We’d would then work through the sub-task allocating days to team members.

I cannot figure out how to set up something similar in Coda.

Any help?

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Hey @David_Perich, thanks for the message! Can you share a screenshot of the two tables you are trying to combine to allow someone to price the project? Or, you can share your doc with and we can work together to make sure there is a way for reach team member to allocate their days to the task.

I’m not sure if you’ve seen the Product Launch Hub template, but in that template we use a slider to indicate the effort (days) associated with a task. This column type might be related to what you’re looking for.