Pay Tracker Template

I created a Pay Tracker Template to log pay for hourly jobs. There are two pay rates in the example, Office and Field, and then various scalers of these rates, like Overtime at 1.5x regular pay. Bulk pay items are also included, like single sum Bonuses or Reimbursements.

You can also track raises and pay changes for both rates without overwriting data previous to these rate changes.

There is also a YTD (Year to Date) page with a dropdown to choose the year you’d like to review.

All Tables are linked or are views of the main Pay Log, so nearly all data can be edited and changes will follow through, including in formulas. You can also add or delete pay rates depending on the line items on your paycheck.

This is my first crack at Coda so don’t be shy if you see things that can be improved!

I’m sharing the document as “View Only” but I think you can still copy it that way. If not, let me know.

Thanks for checking it out!


@benblee This is an awesome template! When you add in your biweekly hours, would you just add in new rows to the “Pay Log” table? Since that table has a grouped column (the “Start Date” column), it looks like you would have to add in the date to that grouped column right? Additionally, it looks like a couple columns are hidden. If you are indeed adding new rows to the “Pay Log” table, I would unhide those columns since it looks like you need to enter in unique values in some of those columns.

Thanks for checking it out!

When I add my biweekly hours, I add a new group under “Start Date” and put the pay stub start date there. Then I can add however many rows I need for that pay stub. The hidden columns are all calculated, so no need to enter any data in any of the hidden columns. If they aren’t calculated, they’re a table lookup from one of the other tables.

I have been trying some of the hacks to add a new row, like a table view filtered to today() that would show an empty row, but I started getting duplicate rows depending on when the document saved. I might give it another go though.

Adding lines to the Pay Log…


(When ungrouped there is a date picker, when grouped you have to type in the date.)

Gotcha I didn’t try entering in the other data so that’s why the hidden columns didn’t populate. Regarding the hack for entering a new row using the filtered view, one way I’ve gotten around the duplicate rows issue you mentioned is using the ISBLANK() formula. Try playing around with that and it might solve the problem for you, although there is an edge case where you may end up with some blank rows. You can read the background about how I did this through this thread.

Thank you for the tip!

I’ll check it out!

Here’s a link to the template with the new sharing features:

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