Table of with dates and weekdays - schedule creator

I use this to create schedules pretty often so I thought I’d share it here. If you have a way that you like of doing this let me know.

Here, I am using default values to add Max date + 1 when a new row is added. The benefit of this is

  1. You can start with any date you want in the first row.
  2. You can override the date with your own preference ( works well if you delete and readd a row)


That’s cool with the default value preloading the column!

I might try adding that to my Pay Tracker Template when adding new entries to the Pay Log.

Thanks for posting!

That would be a great place to use it.
Beside the default value usage here we are using Max value of the column - by using Table.Column.Max in the table itself. Nifty right?

So I gave this a try on my template and it works if the left column is ungrouped, but if it’s grouped, it does not work.

Is there a way to make this work if that column is grouped?

One workaround here is to create a view of your [Pay Log] table that is ungrouped. When you add new rows to the view that you just created, the default value of the date will show up in the grouped [Pay Log] table and the view you created. Not ideal since you have to create a view just to add rows, but I think adding rows to a table that has grouped rows feels a bit clunky to begin with.