Need help sorting by hidden column

Hi, I’ve made a table for my daily habits. I set up a date column and “day” column that gives me the weekday name. I want a view of the table to be grouped on top by the “day” column. It works like I want it to when I group it by the date column, but when I group by the “day” column it gets out of whack, giving me the days of the week in this order: Saturday, Friday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Monday. I still have it sorted by date, but I have the date column hidden. Please help!

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Hi Margarita,
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Could you please share the doc, or a safe copy of it?

It is much easier to help in such instances.


Perhaps make another column called isoweekday and use the formula =ISOWEEKDAY(Insert the name of your datecolumn here).
Isoweekday starts with Monday = 1, Sunday = 7.

And Then add another column to get the names of the days based on this column. Then group by that column.

Hopefully this helps.

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