Order By Date Not Working

Hi Guys
I have a table (displaying in card form) that is ordered by date…which works, though it gets the first date wrong.
Any ideas what i’m missing? Is there a bug?
Note: UK/Euro date format :slight_smile:

Hmm :thinking:
I have kind of a similar setup (for a completely different purpose) but to group and sort my EU dates and weeks to my EU liking, I needed to manually convert the Weekday() to a EU Weekday() (as in Coda weeks starts on Sunday (Weekday() = 1) …
(Well, it’s mostly because I wanted the names of days in French (for once) that I had to go through a full conversion, as the French speaking person that I am :blush:)

So maybe, it doesn’t fully works because you grouped by weeks and “technically”, the 10/01/2021 is not part of the same week as the 04/01/2021 ?

I can reproduce this error but it’s only because I had to add another level to the days (as the days in my setup could go further than midnight, so I created “Periods” where a day could go from Today to Tomorrow) and in that week, there was no other “Periods” to sort like in your setup where “technically” there is no other weekday to go with the 10/01/2021 :thinking: .
(Well, using IsoWeekNumber() the 10/01/2021 is in the same week as the 04/01/2021 but not if you used WeekNumber())

Well, what I’m trying to say here is that maybe the way you get your [Week X] (And/Or the names for your days) might be culprits :innocent:.

Here are 2 screenshots with different formulas to get the Week Number (just in case :innocent:)


WeekNumber() :

But I could be completely wrong here though :innocent:

Thank for your help Pch

The Week Number isn’t an issue (the allocation of the week number and the grouping by week number works fine) - the cards are sorted by date which is failing.

Thanks to your post you gave me the idea to add a formula in that brings in WeekDay number (with added formula to start the week day count on a monday) and sorted by that which has fixed the issue.

It’s a very odd bug, but yay for workarounds :slight_smile:

Thanks again


You’re welcome :blush:!
I’m very glad to know you were able to find a workaround and solve your problem @Martyn_Thomas :wink: !