Equation not working

Hi everybody,

I have a bug in a formula that I just can’t seem to fix.
In the formula below in the fifth column I want to compare the ratio between the first and the second column with the ration of the third and the fourth column. In this case both rows should give true, but for some reason the second row gives false.
I am out of ideas of what could be the problem, so any help is greatly appreciated!

This is a doc that shows my problem in action:

Thank you all in advance for your help!

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The result you were getting wasn’t exactly 770.40, but rather 770.4000000000002

You just need a Round() formula to fix it!

thisRow.Weight =
    thisRow.[Ingredients Amount].Nth(1) * thisRow.[Weight Total] /
      thisRow.[Ingredients Total].Nth(1).ToNumber(),
    places: 1
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Thank you very much @Micah_Lucero , that was indeed the problem!

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