Extend Calendar View

Hi Community
I may have some question on calendar view, so can we have some kind of extension view? since currently they able to show only 3 items with no detail.

Hey @Anas_Wongwichit ! Thanks for reaching out. Would you mind sharing a screenshot of what you’re seeing on your end? Additionally, we would love to take a peek at your doc. Would you mind sharing your doc with us so we can take a closer look at the issues you’re encountering?

You can do that by going to Share in the top right-hand corner, clicking the button in the top right (to the left of the “X”), and toggling on Share with Coda Support (the gif below shows how to do this).

Afterward, please send us a link to that doc in your response so we can take a look for you! :smiley:

Hi @Shaina_Torgerson ,

Thank you for your reply, as you see in the attachment in calendar view, it able to show only 3 items / day maximum with “more” button.
Is there any way to extend this view further? to be able to show more than 3 items and also with the details of each item. Thank you in advance!
Sorry that I cannot share the link to you since it’s contain confidential information.

Thanks! This is expected right now, but we’ve added your vote to a feature request for this :grin:

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