Calendar view option(s)

I have a calendar view for a pretty simple planner - I want to know which people will show up on a certain day. No times, no duration, just show the people (or activities, or whatever). This works pretty good in the month view, but when there are more than 4 people or items I can only see the first 4 right away and a notice that there are more items. I have to go to my weekly view to see the whole list of people - which will show up in the top row (because there are no times involved - which is the right way for me). In this weekly view, a lot of screen space is taken up by the rows that show times (which will be empty in my user case).

I could really use the following options (at design time):

  1. an option for the monthly display to be responsive in such a way that the boxes show however many lines apply to that day
  2. an option for the weekly display to not show time rows (or allow to spec from 12AM to 12AM (same day) and in this case to not show these rows (or allow for the ‘to’ field to be blank for the same effect)
  3. an extra option for the first date shown to be a set by a formula (which could pull a date from another (helper) table or named formula). As it is now, to go to a date two years from now, it is a lot of clicking. I know you can let it jump to the last activity, but that is not handy if you need to be in the middle between now and the last event.