Calendar View: Auto-Expanding Day Cells in Month View

I have a calendar showing full-day events in the month view. There are up to 10 events per day, so often I can’t see all of a day’s events. I would like it if there was a display setting with two options:

  • Fixed Size - this is the current month view behaviour. Weeks of the month have a fixed height (like a paper calendar), and if there are too many events to fit, it displays “+# more”
  • Auto-expanding - if a given Tuesday has 10 events, that week’s height expands to accommodate displaying all 10 of them (similar to table view, where if a certain cell has a lot of data, the row height increases to display it all).

Bonus points for also having an option to wrap the display text of each event (rather than forcing single line and trimming overflow).


+1 I would love to have this. Could we get a two weeks view as well? I imagine it just like the Month view, but showing only the current and future week.

We could have the Month view with the Fixed Size, and the two weeks view with the Auto-expading suggested above. Having only two weeks would make it nicer in the case of 10 events in a day.