Calendar formatting tweaks

No doubt most of these these are non-trivial to implement, but would love to see them when the time comes for the Coda team to update the Calendar view…

Week view

  1. Show days of the week at the top of each day
  2. Include the Week Number top left (with calendar display option to specify Week Numbers or ISO Week Numbers)

Event display

  1. For each calendar event, place the event time to the top of the event instead of below the display column text
  2. Wrap the display column text, with cropping at the bottom of the event
  3. Include data from the first layout modal if space allows

Date and start time
In Calendar View Settings the ability to select which column dictates the event start time, instead of only a Date & Time column option or requiring a formula to combine the two columns to create Date & Time.

Time Zones

  1. Show the currently selected time zone
  2. Ability to switch time zones

Height and width

  1. Ability to drag the bottom of the calendar to reduce scale the height without changing the width
  2. Make the top and bottom of the display area conform to the Working Hours set in the calendar options.
  3. Placing calendar in a column scales the whole calendar down by width

Multiple calendars

  1. Some way, such as a column type or select-list type, to designate a calendar to a row so the Calendar view can display multiple calendars within one calendar view
  2. Ability to subscribe to a Coda calendar in an external app
  3. Ability to export as ics