Calendar revisited

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I have posted about the calendar before, but since I am using this view more frequently, I feel it is time to communicate about a couple of wishes. I notice that the date and time notation is always the USA style and that is for most of the rest of the world a huge drawback. I can overcome that partially by choosing a different display column, like so:
which is (for non-USA users) a lot better than the default:
But can we please get the option to not show the 2nd line (I use either end date/time or duration) with the USA notations (and obviously, it would be nice to have the calendar allow for local notations, but that is a know wish from many users).

And then there is another small annoyance: from the calendar view it is possible to create an event by double clicking (or right clicking) on an empty space, but this is disabled if my duration or end date/time is calculated by a formula. I really don’t understand why this event creation is disabled under that condition, or is this behavior a bug?

Obviously the calendar needs more work (like the USA time notation in the sidebar of a day view), making the time slots disappear if only full day events are listed (in day or week view). allowing for custom intervals (instead of the 15 minutes default, 5, 10, 12, 30 etc. are very common timeslots and should be an option in the calendar options). And there are more.

But getting rid of the 2nd line with the USA time notation and allowing to create an event from the calendar view if the end/duration is calculated would be a nice start.

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Yeah, global apps just need to use ISO standars for defaults, like: YYYY-MM-DD

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