📆 Calendar requests


Hey there!
I love the idea of the new calendar, but I feel that it could be improved, especially for use inside a document, as a dynamic calendar.

Basically, I want to use the calendar as a time block strategy.
Currently, I can’t for a few reasons :

  • The date and time format on tables only accepts manual values to be entered - but we really would need a date and time picker. Actually, I find this format unusable in its current state.
  • There should be an option to display rows on the side of the calendar with display value filtering - this would allow for manual drag and drop of rows inside the calendar and would be awesome.

Actually, I haven’t found a way to make a good time blocking system with the new calendar feature. Using formulas on date or date and time columns prevents to tweak boxes manually.



+1 Both of these suggestions would solve some real workflow snags we’re having right now.

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+1 for the date/time picker. This is way too critical for any productivity application. Specially on mobile. Also, it would be great if it was the widget with the round clock, where you can pick any time with two simple clicks (and not some slider or combo or arrow buttons, which are too complicated)