Calendar Display Column - Enhancement Suggestion

Display column for calendar say on daily view is limited. A lot more rich information can be shown here, or at least allow the Display Column to be output in all cases - at present when it contains a line seperator or bullet points it shows only the first line. This is very limiting.

I would like to use timeblocking and fill my schedule with a derived column that references my plan something like this for example:

Planner.Filter(CurrentValue.Type = "Work" AND currentValue.Date = today()).BulletedList()

This works as a formula, and set on a column that is display column, it works view in the other views, but fails to render in the calendar view - only first line shows


Hi @Matt_Freeman,

Could you share an example of your doc?

Have you tried the following:

    .Filter(CurrentValue.Type = "Work" 
         && CurrentValue.Date = Today())

Not 100% sure, but let me know if this helps.

Hi Frederico,

Thanks but the generation of a bullet list is not the problem in this case, indeed this displays fine when double clicked to expanded view or when using other views. The issue is that nothing other than plain text is rendered as the display column in the calendar, and when a bullet or line seperator is present then only the first line is shown - even if the time block is vertical large in screen real estate. My original message was little messed up in structure and formatting - fixed for clarity.

Sorry @Matt_Freeman,
now I got your point.

Yes, having some format enhancements in Calendar’s view (and not only) would certainly help.
I’m sure it’s tracked in Coda’s radar: let’s be faithful :wink: