Calendar view questions

Hey, Everyone,

Still fairly new to putting Coda into action. A few questions I was hoping you could help with:

Configuring information showed

When I add an item to the calendar view, it shows the item on the calendar with the date, like this:

How do I show other fields in the entry?

Only display certain information

In my table, I have a column with a drop-down where they can choose A or B. I want to have one calendar view that only shows rows for A and another view that only shows rows for B, all pulling from the same table.

How can I do this?

Change calendar entry color based on value

On a related note, I would like to have a calendar with all the A and B items, but to color items A as red and items B as blue. How is this done?

Highlight day columns

This might be too specific, but is it possible to shade specific days on a calendar a different color (the calendar itself, not the entries)?

I am asking people to create calendar events on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and would like to highlight those days.

Thanks so much!


Hey Jono, good questions!

  1. Configuring information showed
    The calendar view is a bit limited so you’re only going to be able to view the add’l column details by hovering over the date list items (e.g. the entry for 2/7/2022).
    If you just want to change what column’s data is displayed in the bubble, you can change this by updating your display column via your table options.

  2. Only display certain information.
    You can control what shows up using table filters. That way, you’re only displaying rows in your calendar that match up with the filter for that select column. E.g. Column = A.

  3. Change calendar entry color based on value
    You can update this via conditional formatting. If you want that formatting to show up for all connected table views, apply the formatting to the original table. You can determine which table is the original by using the Doc Map. I included an example of this in the embed below. You can click the link icon to the right of the table name to view table connections. The first table listed is the source table and its good practice to leave this table unfiltered and hidden (for search and automation).

  4. Highlight day columns
    Yes, it is possible to highlight specific calendar names. Here’s an example using the WeekdayName() formula:


I know I may have touched on some advanced topics, so wanted to add some add’l info. If you’re wondering what a display column is, we go more in-depth here: What is the Display Column?.

The Tuesday and Thursday filter uses a custom formula, since its a bit more advanced than what the filter formula builder can produce. Also, in order for your conditional formatting to show up, it’s worth noting that your display column should be listed under the Apply To part of your conditional formatting argument. To be safe, I just selected All columns so the formatting shows up regardless of the display column. Here’s a closer look for reference:

Let me know if you have any questions!


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