Show dayname in calendarview (week)

When showing a table as a calendar, it would be nice to be able to view the dayname (perhaps optional) for all the different views (Day, Week, Month). The daynames are showing in the month view, but for me, I need that in week view.

Further, In week view, would be nice to combine the weekend in one column to take less space, so more space is available for the workweek (Monday - Friday). And Saturday and Sunday are combined in to one column.

Now, by displaying the daynames over each column, I’d also like to format the text to my liking, so the weekend (saturday-sunday) could be written in red text, and the rest of the week in whatever other color to my choosing. Make note, I’m not talking about the actual entries here, only what could be considerred as a column headline.

Hope this make sense, and hope to see Coda implement this soon.

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Hope the magnificent Coda team will make this simple request happen.