Extract multiple dates from string text

Hi I am trying to extract the dates (there could be multiple) from a string

For example,
“Supplement:Accepted AnytimeFull Proposal:December 4, 2020Letter of Intent:December 4, 2020Supplement:February 11, 2021Full Proposal:February 11, 2021”

should return -> “December 4, 2020”, “December 4, 2020”, “February 11, 2021”, “February 11, 2021”

Can’t seem to figure out a function that can return multiple substring results

hey @Nikil_Ragav I think this is going to depend on the syntax / structure you are going to consistently have your input data from. In your example each date is preceeded with : so you could use the split() function to break the string into parts and then tackle each of those perhaps with formulamap(), perhaps terminating the string two characters after finding “, 20”? This should get you going… :slight_smile: good luck!

[Original String]
   CurrentValue.RegexReplace('([^ ]+ \d{1,2}, \d{4})?(.*)','$1')