Extract specific table references from a text

I’ve been using Coda for video games’ Narrative Design for a while. It is very useful to avoid redundancy.

I’ve written a formula to extract references to a table’s row, from a description text.

That way it extracts important, classified and non redundant data automatically. Change the text and the data will change too.


Thanks for sharing. Thinking of places I will use it!

Hi Dani,

Sorry to bother you with something that is not CODA related, I see you’re writing something that has to do with game design and quests. The thing is, I’m writing a game script and I’m having a tough time understanding how to document interactions and gameplay. The story line is easy enough and CODA has been a great help to organize all the scenes, characters, artefacts, etc.

If you have some links with good readings (or maybe some hints of your own) that could help me understand how to deal with gameplay, objectives and interactions (also dialogue). It would be great.

I know that this is not the place to discuss this kind of thing, so if you need, reach me at:
Or in Instagram: @rui.oliveira.online

Thanks and have a great day


I’ve just make my document grow with my narrative design needs.

One think I’ve learned is to make tables of everything. I’ve divided my game into bits, every bit can be gameplay, cinematic, dialogue or scripted sequence and I have a table with every bit defined: a code name, dependencies, summary, description from player’s point of view, location, enemies, characters, new character if there is, design intention and story beat.

With this, I can follow the story from the beginning to the end.

Then, I have some table views and formulas with specific data from the bits.

I have formulas to check how many quests happen in X location, or how many quests are about a specific type of objective. All of that to balance the game.

Hope it helps you. If you find anything interesting tell me, please.