Feature Request: Freemium Pricing for Packs

Similar to how Coda has a freemium business model (a free tier as well as paid tiers), it would be nice if this was also available to Pack makers.

Such use case could be pricing a pack as;

  • If you pay for coda, you pay $X/maker/month for the pack.
  • If you don’t pay for coda, the pack is also free.

This allows fairer / less exclusionary pricing for Packs, as those whose situation cannot afford commercial subscriptions, can still use Coda and the packs until their situation improves; enabling the pay-it-forward ethic of freemium tiers.


Great suggestion! The workaround at the moment (which isn’t ideal) is to create two Packs, one free and one paid (normally labeled “Pro”). The maker will need to swap out one Pack with the other if they upgrade, but it’s a somewhat workable solution for now.