Feature request: Sub-table/hierarchical view

Hi everyone! Loving coda so far. I have a request that I would love to see implemented:

For me and my team, the most natural/automatic way we tend to organize tasks is hierarchical with simple indentation. Like this:

  • Area 1
    • Sub Area 1
      • Task 1
        • Subtask 1
        • Subtask 2
        • Subtask 3
      • Task 2
        • Subtask 1
    • Sub Area 2
      • Task 1
        • Subtask 1
        • Subtask 2


Now, Coda already has a fantastic text block editor that allows the creation of “checkbox lists” like this by simply typing into any text field and using indenting/outdenting, which works beautifully.

HOWEVER - this feature is currently only supported in the context of an individual text field. What I’m really looking for is to manage/view/edit a TABLE of data this way. So I can use column relationships (parent/child) to manage an existing table of data as an indented (and collapsable) hierarchy.

I’ve seen some pretty clever hacks to do this, such as this one: https://coda.io/d/Project-Management-With-Folding_diXEmfugjRW/Folding-view_su2in#Project-Plan_tuBpR/r1

But that’s a very convoluted and pretty inflexible way of getting what I want, since the end result is view-only, not editable, etc.

I understand many of the arguments against “hierarchical” structures for project management, I’ve read many of the articles. But for myself, and I believe many others, it’s still a preferred way to structure data - especially in the beginning of a project. Recently Monday implemented a version of this in their grids/tables that I like, which you can see here: https://community.monday.com/t/its-finally-here-subitems-alpha-release/5482

Is there anything like this currently on the roadmap or have y’all thought about this before?




Oh, I’m also aware that I kinda-sorta have a version of this already with Coda by using column grouping, but the end result isn’t nearly as clean-looking as a “sub-table” view such as what Monday implemented recently - which is a lot closer to what I’m looking for here…

Hi @Paul_Bettner,
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I guess your use case has lots of similarities with @Steve_Yang’s one: How to write formula for turn outline view into Table view?

There is still not a perfect solution, but you can find some useful approaches in the thread.
I hope this helps.

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