How to write formula for turn outline view into Table view?

Why I need this feature ?
Bcz It’s more convenient that the first time organize knowledges with outline view. But after outline view done. it’s not enough , We have to handle data in Table view and without repeating input the same datas. Such as, filiter , formula, add Note, multi-selection, etc in Table View.

Here is data with outline view:

  • 20th Century
    • Realism Reinvented
      • Ashcan School
      • Camden Town Group
      • American Scene
      • American Regionalism
      • Social Realism
      • The Canadian Group Of Seven
      • Magic Realism
      • Contemporary Realism
    • Modernism
      • Expressionism
        • Die Brücke
        • Der Blaue Reiter
        • Die Neue Sachlichkeit
        • Bauhaus
  • 19th Century
    • Realism
      • The Barbizon School
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Hi @Steve_Yang,

Maybe this post from @Paul_Danyliuk could be a good starting point:


Thanks @Federico_Stefanato
It’s really a good starting point.

Hope someone develop it at the same time.

Actually I could do in Xmind with mind map ,and then export to Excel,
and then copy excel to Coda.

But I want to implement it in one page , best solution is by one click.

Outline view Table view.

As I know, there’s no other tools can turn outline view into Table view.

Thanks @Federico_Stefanato for the mention!

@Steve_Yang feel free to reuse my template, but your case is even simpler. You don’t need to combine subitems or preserve checkbox status or whatnot, I assume, so you can just .Split(Character(10)) your list and .FormulaMap(AddRow...)) then. You can still use parts of my template to determine list nesting level based on inner object structure, but no need to manipulate those back into text items.

Here’s a simpler solution by @shishir

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Thanks @Paul_Danyliuk

It seems combine 2 templates for my case.

I also need turn Table view into Outline View.

I’ll try tomorrow.

After done that .I need more features.

Such as :

  • 20th Century #date, @ppl, #notes
    • Realism Reinvented
      • Ashcan School
      • Camden Town Group
      • American Scene

Turn #date, @ppl, #notes into column in Table view.

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