Tasks and subtasks, in one table, toggled accordian style

Hi Codans,

I want a pretty standard setup: A table with tasks and subtasks (and subsubtasks, and subsubsubtasks), organized within a single Table view, such that the subtasks toggle on/off under each Parent task.


:arrow_forward: Parent task

  ▶️  Subtask

          ▶️ Subsubtask

                 ▶️ Subsubsubtask

where all arrows represent toggles that expand or hide the next level down in the hierarchy.

This is standard fare in many project management platforms, but seems extremely challenging to implement in Coda.

Or maybe it’s easier than I think?


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I use the relation column for things like that and that works for me…

I have seen other people using this method as well…

If I’m understanding, this would involve creating a Task table and a Subtask table and creating a relation so that Subtasks associate with Tasks. Moreover, if you Group by Task then you can get Tasks as the grouping variable displayed in column 1 and an accordianing of relevant subtasks in column 2.

Grouping further by Subtask can handle additional subtask levels.

So like this:

Is that right? That’s the general process?

This works to a point. But there are significant drawbacks.

First/foremost, this really only works most effectively for one level of subtasks, mayyyyybe two (like in the image), because once you start going out further and further the display gets increasingly awkward and difficult.

Second, for some inexplicable reason, when you group by Task, the table no longer shows the task details of the Parent Task (as in the next image):

So, yeah, this is Coda’s standard way of displaying things. but frankly, it’s a subpar experience.

What I’m looking for is a much more streamlined/normal tree structure whereby subtasks toggle under tasks with only a small indent (like what Notion has implemented, for instance).

The indent I can get, that’s easy.
The toggle is proving much harder. I’ve tried a variety of buttons and filters, but so far haven’t found the magic combination.

Anyone able to find the magic? :slight_smile:

I know this is a late reply but this type of functionality has been requested before and a member, @Krunal_Sheth, shared a doc that I think does what you want.

You can find it here: "Serious" Project Management in Coda? (Work Breakdown Structures) - #8 by Krunal_Sheth

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