Subtask for a task

If there would be a subtask option for any of our task. IN simple we can say that please try to build a option to have a sub row for one row in table.

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Does it not suffice to just have relationships between rows? IE on any row be able to set “parent task”? That’s how we deal with this when working with epics/stories/tasks.

@Stefan_Singer Is it possible to share your doc, how you actually do it??

No but I created a small example :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for your time. :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s really helpful. But still if there is a way to just asign subtask to a task, orginally like a task is really helpful. Please see the attached screenshot for better clarity.

. This really helps to track my parent activity with more clearity. As i can mark the complete to my sub activities and have a look of my target and prioritize them to reach my target goal. Hope you understand :innocent:

Yes, instead of having a parent task relationship, have a subtask relationship.

That is totally cool what you are saying but still i would like to add one point on that thing. why i am using some software?? To make my workload less, and more output with less efforts. So basically it is the thing that we can use the trick you said for the time being but it would be really helpful if subtasks are directly connected and linked to a parent task. If this thing is implemented in coda it would save tons of time.

Thank you for your time @Stefan_Singer

I’m not at all getting what you’re asking for now. There’s no such thing as tasks in coda, but you can link the rows to their parent row if you need that too, using a lookup or filter formula. I’ll add it to the example!

Have you explored the different task management templates created for coda? Maybe there is one that suit your needs, and if not, you roll your own application. That’s the whole idea :slight_smile:

Yes, that is the only thing i am trying to convey, that i have to make different tables to make a relationship with lookup tables. I want to cut that time where i am making tables and making relationship with lookup formula instead i want to directly connect those subtask to a task.

I will surely check the templates and see if anything works for me. Thank you so much :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh, maybe you’re misunderstanding my examples then. What I’m suggesting is that you add this to your existing task table, not create new tables.

Just add a “subtask” column to your table and set it to a dropdown with the table as the source.

That UI looks like Clickup , right ?

Well, you could think about that one parent task is one table in Coda.

Like this.

and then just grouped for parent task and sub-task.

Unlimited sub-task hierarchies or more nested sub-sub-sub-task.

If you need all parent task and sub-task in one table(mother table), just create it , and then create a new relationship table for every parent task from mother table.

In Table view, there’s no tree layout column . sub-task have to be create a new column, So you can’t create it like that layout .

I understood your point but may be this isn’t working for me. Let me share my doc with you and explain.

I need my parent and sub all tasks in one master table.

say my main activity is Internal plaster and to complete that activity there are 2 floors pending 5th and 6th. so that both floors will be my sub tasks which will take 7 days each to complete. I want to coonect that both sub-task to my main activity, so that if my one floor takes me 8 days it directly reflects onto my main activity and i can esclate other floor with more workforce and complete it on time.

what you are saying is ther solution to my relationship of tasks not connecting them both.

@Stefan_Singer @Steve_Yang hope you got what i am trying to convey.

Yes, so add a subtasks column to your master table and set 5th f and 6th f as subtasks (I assume you have them as tasks in the master table). Then either have a column that sums work estimates if needed or have a view of your master table that is grouped by parent task, so you can summarize per group.

Can you please shoe me one example if possible.

Hope to solve your issue.

Thank you, :slightly_smiling_face: will surely try and come back to you.

In Table view, there’s no tree layout column . sub-task have to be create a new column.

If you want sub-task, there is only one way that group by parent task.

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@Nipul_Thakker did some (minor) edits in your document, perhaps they’ll give you the right idea.