Fiddly to Name a New Column

I’m not sure if this is a bug or a suggestion but every time I create a new column in a table, I try to title the column but I end up searching for a column type instead. It’s like every single time I create a new column.

I click on the plus sign to the right of the table for a new column, then try to type the title of the column but instead of typing the title, it searches column types instead

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This is new behavior added a month or two ago. It was strange at first but for me it was a welcome change and I got used to it.

Previously when you clicked the + icon, a new Text (generic type) column was added and the title was focused so that you could edit it right away. If you wanted a different type (most often number, checkbox, lookup) you had to open the menu -> change type -> and then select another type to apply. Now that’s fiddly.

Now when you add a column, first it gives you the choice to select type (it filters the column types list as you type), and then lets you edit the title. Always the same two steps, no menu clicks.

It’s not a bug, and I don’t think anything can really be done to improve the UX there. I’d say try to get used to it.

The current UX has an inefficient hitch:

  • create new column > choose column type > column name > click back into the column settings UI (where the user just was) > column type options

This would flow more smoothly:

  • create new column > choose column type > column type options > column name