When choose lookup type for column, column title uses first table in list, even if another selected

See gif below, when adding a Column and setting it to type Lookup, it asks you to select which Table it is doing a lookup from. It will name the column you just created with the name of the first table in the list, even if you select the second or third table in the list to actually use for the column

Hello @N_G ,

This happens because you lookup the type of column you want to use (by typing look… in the lookup field). When you select the column type this way, it does indeed name the column identical to the top table in the list.

If you don’t use the lookup list but, upon adding a new column, put your mousepointer on top of “Lookup” and select that type, you can choose the table and your column will be named accordingly.

I am wondering if you are doing this on a really small screen and therefor perhaps not seeing all the options? If that is the case, use the scrollbar on the right.

the list - it is set as a default.

So the problem here is that when I search for column type “Lookup” I don’t get the same right arrow as in your image. (see my gif above). My only option is to select the column type.