Filing JIRA tickets from Coda

I’m trying to file bugs from Coda (some users don’t have access to my JIRA Cloud project).


  1. CreateTicket button from the JIRA pack works but I’m having a hard time creating a Coda form (it sounds like the Coda forms aren’t meant to be used for that).
  2. The alternative is to create a “fake” table and then erase the content after clicking the button (but I’m struggling to erase the table afterwards)
  3. I also looked at the issue collectors on JIRA. Unfortunately that’s a script / js code that I don’t think I can embed on Coda.

Any ideas? Thanks a lot

Hi, I’ve done something similar with automations, eg:

  1. User fills out form
  2. Form results go to a table
  3. Page automation sees new row in the table and populates a jira ticket with this information

To do Page Automations:
:gear: Document Settings (top right corner)
Add rule
When [Row changed]
Then [Packs > JIRA > add subject and content for ticket]

Would that work for your use case?

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