Jira Create Issue Button Doesn't Assign Reporter To Current User

When setting up the Create Issue button/action for the Jira Pack the ticket which is created in Jira is assigned a reporter to the user which installed the Jira plugin. It would be nice to either be able to lookup a user from the Jira Pack (think Lookup Table/formula based of signed in user’s email) or specify the email of the user within in Jira and automagically assign the reporter.

Our use case is we are trying to setup templated versions of Jira issues for our internal team. We are trying to have very specific and targeted inputs in Coda, but a fully fleshed out ticket within Jira for the engineering team. We are taking this approach to allow for a more agile way to iterate on the input process instead of having to overhaul and over engineer Jira’s screens/issue types.