Get Jira issue ID from issue created with the Jira pack create button

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I’m using Coda docs for our team to define and scope initiatives, and would like to allow them to take what’s been written and create Jira epics without having to copy, paste and then input the new issue into the doc (for filtering purposes).

So far everything has been working pretty well with the Jira pack, but one thing: when an issue is created using the pack’s Create issue button, I can’t retrieve the ID of the created issue.

Is that at all possible? If not, (@codans) is it planned?

Hi Maira,

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If you have a “Create Issue” button in a table, you can add an option to it for a results column. I name mine “Results”. That will return the Jira ID and associated data…

This is the return value that Coda receives from Jira, so if you have a Jira sync table, you an actually match up the two by this Issue ID. To get just the ID number out of this data, you can use this formula in a new column…


The “Issue ID” that Jira sends back is actually a chunk of data with the ID, Key, and URL. So that formula pulls out the ID.

Wow, thanks! I couldn’t find that anywhere - will put it to use right away :blush:

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