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Hello all,

This is what I am trying to achieve. With my Jira coda pack enabled, I am pulling in all Issues from Jira (epics, user stories, tasks). If you are familiar with jira, you want your user stories linked to an epic so that you can track all stories under that epic. When you do this, jira adds the epic under the “Epic Link” field. In jira it will parse the data and display it as the name of the epic. Coda pulls it over as the ticket number (AA-###).

I want to display the epic name instead of the ticket number of the epic.

I know what I need to do, but cannot figure out the formula. I need to search the epic link (ticket number aka AA-###) against the Issue Url column (https://PROJECT_NAME.atlassian.net/browse/AA-###) to see if there is a match and then display the row’s Issue name, which would be the name of the Epic.

If(thisRow.[Epic Link]In(thisRow.[Issue Url]),thisRow.Issue, )

The above formula did not work, but I would appreciate some help. The translation that I am looking for is
If the value in the Epic Link column in this row matches the ticket number displayed at the end of ANY Issue URL then display THAT Issue name (epic)

Thanks for the help. I hope this wasn’t confusing.


Since I also have sub-tasks, I had to get it also for them.
I created a column named “Epic”, and here it goes:

if(RegexMatch(thisRow.Issuetype,“sub-”),thisTable.Filter(RegexMatch([Sub Tasks],thisRow.[Id JIRA] )).Epic.First(),lookup(thisTable,Key,thisRow.[Epic Link]).[Epic Name])

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