Epic Link and Epic Name data columns are coming in blank

My data pulled from Jira is mostly showing up correctly, but I’m missing a very important column - the epic name / epic link entries are coming in entirely blank.

I don’t know if it matters or not, but I’m using one of Jira’s “Next-Generation” templates, as opposed to “Classic” - I suppose I’ll try importing a classic project shortly and see if this helps my various problems.

Hey Keith!

Would it be possible for you to embed your doc here for us to take a look at that? If your doc is sensitive feel free to write in to the support team directly from the question mark in the bottom right hand of the Coda app.

This information should be captured so if it’s not we’ll need to look at your specific doc. :slight_smile:


Sure! I’ll see if I can replicate the issue on a non-sensitive Jira project later this evening. Thanks!

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Ok - recreated a “next-gen Jira Project” without any proprietary info, and am running into the same issue:
Here is what the jira project looks like:

And if you go look at this coda in which it is imported, you’ll notice that none of the epic information propagates correctly.

Hi @Keith_Guerrette,

I was able to reproduce the issue on our side as well. The root cause has to do with how the Jira API returns back Epic information in Next Generation Projects.

I deployed a code change to the Jira pack this morning, and tweaked the Epic Name column for the doc included above.

1.Issue now has a new field called Parent. For Next Gen Projects with Epics this happens to be the Epic associated with the issue.
2. For other project types, this could be the Story, or even another Issue if an explicit parent-child relationship is setup in Jira.

Formula for the Epic Name column: thisRow.Issue.Parent.

Does this help?



That’s one of the reasons I’m not using “next-gen” yet, besides not working well with classic projects.
I loved the “roadmap feature” delivered, but both integration (APIs and next-gen x classic) made me stay away.
Using Google sheets (and now Coda) is the way to go to get the best from JIRA and report properly, imho.