Filter by User() group based on lookup table

I’m trying to return a persons name from another table, when the County on one table = the county on the other. Currently its returning values for every person, regardless of county.

The purpose of this is so I can add a filter by User(). Any tips?

Hi @Catherine_Theriault,

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It’s tough to say without seeing the other table, but the structure for this type of formula might help. Here’s a rundown of how this might be set up…

Start with the name of the table that you want to filter results from. We’ll call it “[Table 2]” for this example. Then you add your filter formula to narrow down the list to only the results you want to see. After this, you can add the column that you want to see a value from. So putting this together, you might have something like this…

[Table 2].Filter(County = thisRow.County).Name

If the County in your other table is also a lookup the same way as in your screenshot, this should work.