Filter.contains in formula

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I’m facing a little problem on a doc.

How can I set multiple filters in formula ?

I want to do reports about my email campaigns so I made this :

Data (2 tab, 1 for the data and 1 for the reporting)

I made a global reporting, which is working perfeclty but I can’t find the way to filter by campaign name.

For example, how can I integrate in my formula an other filter to segment with the campaign name (Shop A / Shop B) ?
I tried a lot of stuff like filter.contains etc… but nothing worked !

[Email - Global].Filter([Send Time].Matches([Daterange - Email Global])).[Total Recipients].sum()

I must use “contains” and not “is/egal” because on my export their is the date on the “campaign name”, so I need to find a formula to only search and filter for Shop A or Shop B…

Anyone can help me on that please ?

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Hi @Pfgope ,
If i correctly understood your point, you can add any condition to a filter and connect them with boolean operators.

[Email - Global].Filter([Send Time].Matches([Daterange - Email Global]) && [Campaign Name].StartsWith("Shop A")).[Total Recipients].sum()

(Already putin your doc)

Let me know if it helps.

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Hello @Federico_Stefanato ,

Thank you so much for your help ! It’s work perfectly ! Work perfeclty with RegexMatch too, if I want to segment by the date.

Thank you,
Have a nice day :slight_smile:

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Hi @Pfgope
even better with RegexMatch()! :+1:t2: