Filter projects based on a dynamic control that filters to a subset of projects based on team

Hello community!
I’m trying to create project summary table that can be filtered by team and project. I have many projects, so to make it quicker for people to find the project they want a summary for, I created a dynamic control that would only show the projects owned by that team.

I have two tables: Projects and Teams

I created 1 control to filter by Teams (Filter_Team) and then one dynamic control (Filter_Project) that filters the projects based on the team selected.

However, I would like to filter the Projects table based on the Filter_Project option selected but the table returns blank. I’m tried different formulas but to know prevail.


Your table filter is this: [Project Name].Matches(Filter_Project)
This is trying to compare a column value to a row object.

See if this works: [thisRow].Matches(Filter_Project)
This compares a row object to a row object.

Thanks, @Ander! Works exactly as I wanted.

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