Filter Request - Show 2x Rows of Linked Databases

I’m sure the title could’ve been clearer, but I’m basically trying to link a couple of tables in a way that things just sort of “show up” in a table. I made a test doc with a blank row here:

I thought this might do it . . .

[Hardware Database].[Installed OS].Filter([Assigned To].Contains(thisRow))

But it just shows all possible options, not the “correct” option.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Benn,

I am unfortunately extremely busy at the office at the moment so couldn’t investigate your specific request.

But one of the below example might help:


I’m honestly a little bit confused on your issue, but happy to help out how I can! Is this what you are looking to do?


Of course it’s that simple! I always overthink formulas - it’s never been a strength of mine :slight_smile:

Thank you! That didn’t exactly answer what I was trying to do, but it was super helpful for other aspects of my monster doc I’m trying to tame!

Yeah! Totally ok

You want to think of those little lookup chips as buckets that essentially hold data. So all I was doing was using a chaining method (thats where you use a . to draw out information) to draw out the info contained within the bucket itself.

Hopefully that helps! Glad we got it worked out!

If you need some more help or education in a more robust way, see below!

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