Filter to pull in multiple aggregated columns from another table

I’m pulling data (text summaries) from one table (Summary) into another (Tags) and organizing it by tag (thus, each tag could have several summaries attached to it). I’m using this filter:

[Summary text table].filter(tags.contains(thisRow)).BulletedList()

It’s pulling one column from the Summary table aggregated by tag, but I would like to adapt this filter to pull multiple columns from the Summary table to the Tags table. Any idea how to do this?

Hi @Chris_Jennings
This might work for you:
ListCombined([Summary text table].filter(tags.contains(thisRow)).[Column 1], [Summary text table].filter(tags.contains(thisRow)).[Column 2]).BulletedList()

Unfortunately I get an error message that ListCombined is not supported.

Sorry, I miss spelled the function name, it’s should be ListCombine and not ListCombined (with out the d)

Also, you need to replace the [column 1] and [column 2] in my formula to the real column names in your table. You can add more columns if you need to, with the same format of [Table name].filter(filter expression).[Column name] and then append everything with .BulletedList