Filtering a lookup from table column (contains or matches?)

Hi all,

First time posting here, but thanks everyone for the hacks and ideas, I’ve implemented a lot in my own docs!
This time I really can’t find a solution on my own or thanks to similar issues…
I’m creating a comprehensive reference doc for a music label, so as we can have simplified views of our catalog and easily access to keys data thanks to selectors.

I’ve done a simplified version here:
The issue I’m facing now is about a particular situation: when a track is on a physical format (CD, Vinyl) but not on digital. I would like my ‘Tracklist’ table to show the exact tracklist based on the selection.

The idea is to filter my ‘Tracklist’ table according to the ‘release_CAT#’ formula, but neither Contains or Matches seems to work (the latter is obviously because I’m not filtering the column according to a selector). I believe this is because it gets tricky when trying to filter a lookup from table column and I can’t find a solution

I really would like to keep this architecture - all tables are helpful in different situations

Thanks for your help!

Make these two small changes and apparently it works:



damn the answer was that easy… thanks!