Filtering Specific Items Into Bulleted List


Does anyone know how to filter specific items into a single, bulleted list? I my “master” table, in one column I have a teacher’s name, and in another I have a corresponding student. I wanted to have a separate view of the main table where the teacher’s name is in one column, and ALL the students are in a second column formatted as a bulleted list. The formula I frankensteined together was this one:

[Master Student Information Table].Filter([Teacher Column].ToText()=thisRow.[Teacher Column].ToText()).[Student Name].First().BulletedList()

It sort of works, but only shows the first entry as a bulleted list. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong? Honestly, I’m crap at formulas (just can’t wrap my head around them) so it’s probably something simple I’m doing/not doing.


Dear @Benn_Bennett,

Formulas is also no my strongest point.
Did you try to take away “First()” before "BulletList()

Otherwise if you are okay with it to share a dummy copy, I can try to help you more easy!

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That did it! That’s what “first” means :man_facepalming:

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