Removing the @text from a list from a connected table?

Simple SOP doc but I am trying to show the steps as text instead of a table or a link. How do I change the format of the “Where this Procedure starts” text? The formulas I’m trying are also removing the data structure and its no longer in bullets.

Hi @Keith_Kolomichuk :blush: !

This seems to work :blush:

  [Column 3].SOP = [Kolo SOP Select]

Once Filter() returns the appropriate list of rows from your table Input, you just need to access/dereference the desired text value for the rows in that list… which here is the value in your field Input … and then apply on the list of now text values NumberedList() or BulletedList() to format it :blush:.

Same goes for your Column 3 within the Filter(): Instead of using ToText() on Column 3, you can simply access the appropriate value to make the comparison work (which is here, the value in the field SOP) :blush: .

Thank you! thats perfect

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