Unbullet a Bulleted List

I have a list of all the states in USA and Canadian Provinces. But it is a Bulleted List. How can I easily remove the Bullets to use in another table? Does the Bullet have a symbol I can use with RegEx; I don’t see a formula entry to unbullet items.

Hi @Doug_Loud :blush:

Strangely enough I tried this …

thisRow.[Column 2].Split(LineBreak()).Trim()

… and didn’t expect that result :sweat_smile:

It returns a string though so if you need a list, you would need to re-Split() the string by comma (",")

thisRow.[Column 2].Split(LineBreak()).Trim().Split(",")

This seems to work too (and is probably cleaner :innocent: ) :

thisRow.[Column 2].Split(LineBreak()).ForEach(

Thank you very much. I just found the bullet symbol out in emojis (I’m on a Mac) and got this formula to work:


but I like yours better because having to use the emoji table concerns me.


And I often have strings to resplit back to Coda rows: lists of citations from a large block of text, etc.

hi @Doug_Loud ,

I noticed the contribution of @Pch and I 'd like to add a different solution, this is with a button and you output flat text.

  thisRow.ModifyRows(thisRow.[Column 3],base))

Cheers, Christiaan

Thanks, Christiaan - you always have very helpful information!

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