Remove BulletedList


I have a bulleted list with the formula : Coda | Formula library.

Is there a way to reverse to a list without the bulleted point?
Example :

I try to investigate ForEach with concat, join, etc. but it remove the object.

Thank you in advance for the ideas.

Use IndentBy(). That’s a relatively new function to change list level. Use -1 to decrease the level:

Another way is to take the lookups directly and concatenate them together with line breaks between. One way to do that is this:

i.e., for each item, make an ITEM and newline, then use .Left(-1) to cut one character from the end (the trailing newline). The benefit of this approach is that you can make your list more compact with soft line breaks (use LineBreak(true)).

Unfortuantely Join() kills formatting and forces everything to plain text (as if .ToText() was applied on values). Concatenate() keeps the formatting but you have to construct your formula with some hurdles.


Thank you for your answer and your help, perfect answer and very clever with IndentBy.

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