Nested Bulleted List

Is there a way to display columns of a table as indented items on bulleted lists?
The example in Formula2 is the closest that I can get.

Formula2: [Table 1].BulletedList(BulletedList([Table 1].Detail))

Hello @Reed_strauss,

You can kind of fake it like this:

I presume there is a more elegant way to do this, but this might help for now, thanks!
=[Table 1].FormulaMap(currentvalue.Name+Character(10)+CurrentValue.Detail.Split(Character(10)).FormulaMap(character(9)+"- "+CurrentValue).BulletedList()).BulletedList()

Here you go:


[Table 2].FormulaMap(
    Concatenate(CurrentValue, "
", CurrentValue.Detail.BulletedList())