Lists with Levels from Single Table Hierarchies

I thought it would be neat to brainstorm some ways to create hierarchal bulleted lists from self referencing data.
For instance, a table called Family would have two columns: Full Name, Parent (Lookup for Full Name of parent in the same table). If you had Frank, Mark and Dan, you could set Mark as Franks parent and Dan as Marks parent. This would be cool to display as:

  • Dan
    • Mark
      • Frank

I’d like to explore different ways of creating this list.

Below is the Doc I would like to add various methods to. Take a look at the methods I’ve run into, and I’ll add any that you guys share as well.

I think I solved it a while ago:

P.S. Oh wait, you want to do this from a hierarchy table. Gimme a minute.
P.P.S. Here you go, lol:


Thanks for the reply @Paul_Danyliuk , and it was very neat watching you work though it :smiley:

I wanted to also get your feedback on how to output in the canvas when there are multiple roots?

So you wrote @Root.Column4, but for me, I have multiple roots found by Items.Filter(IsBlank(Parent)).Column4.

How do I combine them for output? Right now they are showing side by side instead of one below the other.


Yeah, I got my mistake there. Not only it’s not working with multiple roots currently, but also it makes two-level steps and not one-level steps in nesting. Let me try some more…

Okay, here’s the proper solution with hidden formulas (low-level rich text manipulation).
Warning: ASMR:

And I just recorded yet another video that produces the same result without hidden formulas but only using the official ones:

Launching a Patreon was a good idea after all. Now I’m motivated to record videos of me solving problems and not just post complete solutions :slight_smile:

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