Bulleted list using a selection box

Hi everyone

I’ve got a selection box on one of my columns to choose a certain option which works fine but I now want to to make it easier to read and have the selections as bullet points.

List(“John”, “Paul”, “Ringo”, “George”)

The above works how it should but not that easy to read when your options have been selected. However the following creates one big selection rather than allowing me to choose Paul, John, George or ring

BulletedList(“John”, “Paul”, “Ringo”, “George”)

I’ve tried using split, I’ve tried using unique but I cannot seem to separate the choices if its a BulletedList.

Can this be done?

Column 1: multiple selections
Column 2: [Column 1].BulletedList()

Hi @Ander

I thought about that but i would then have 2 columns with the same results, one would just look prettier.

I also used listcombine(list(“John”),list(“Paul”),list(“Ringo”),list(“George”))

This worked and gave me the bullet points but once they were selected, there was a huge gape between each bullet point.

Both not ideal.

This works but adds 2 extra bullet points.