Find all the cross-references for a page

Hello community,

I wound need to find all the pages that contain a reference (i.e. that link to) a specific page, but I could find a way to do so. The scenario is where I delete a page, and update all the other pages where the deleted page has been referenced (linked).

Is there an easy way to do so?

Many thanks!


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Likely not - no.

Whats your use case? Can you explain more, and are you linking pages via the @tags on the canvas or in an alternative way?

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Thanks Scott!
I’ll add some details.

  • I created a coda document, with several pages and subpages
  • Some of such pages/subpages have been linked from other documents (done by other colleagues). I don’t how or where my document has been linked, most likely just using an hyperlink to my page/subpage
  • Now I have to delete my document (incl. all the pages and subpages), but before doing so, I would like to have a list of all the other documents that include an hyperlink to the document I’m about to delete, so that I can first notify the user or update the hyperlinks.

Does this help?


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