Doc Map for @ References?

Is there a way to find all @ references? Looking for a UI similar to the Doc Map, but for @s of a particular table. Perhaps this exists in the Doc Map and I can’t see it?

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Dear @Lloyd_Montgomery,

References are dynamic, and to my opinion, not possible to be displayed.
Like in my example below, where searching for a reference “@A” in a certain doc, I get all possible references listed. Meaning you should know the first symbol of that what you want to reference to.

Of course it would be nice to get some more input from the developers and users in the community :handshake:

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Hi @Jean_Pierre_Traets,

Coda already displays dynamic elements such as Tables, Controls, and Formulas in the DocMap. I am asking where to find a similar interface for all @references. I disagree that they cannot be displayed as they are just as simple to keep track of as anything else in the DocMap.

If I am going to delete a row in a table, I would like to know if any reference to this row exists first. I have a “Variables” table where I keep track of my document variables, and when refactoring to simplify the variables I have I’m always left with the same final question: “Have I changed all references to this old variable?” Hence, me asking if this functionality exists.


Hi @Lloyd_Montgomery,

Thanks putting your perspective in detail, you are absolutely right. :brain:

Looking forward to receive input from the developers, as it’s a quite important feature on the “wishlist”.



+1 for a reference of @refs in use.

SIMILAR CONCEPT: It would also be helpful if the formula editor offered a reference of the column’s precedents and dependents. @alden

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